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Never Again Para Nadie

Never Again Para Nadie translates as Never Again for Anyone. It means that no one should be a target. No one should be denied their human rights. The documentary short, Never Again Para Nadie, captures a moment when a diverse group of activists attempted to peacefully hold a system accountable for holding ICE detainees for no other reason than their country of origin. 

In the summer of 2020 a surge in demonstrations across the country supporting Black Lives Matter and social justice writ-large took to the streets to demand change, often meeting violent opposition. The documentary short film, Never Again Para Nadie, presages this moment by a year. Established by Jews, the organization Never Again Action seeks to put into practice the lessons of the Holocaust, including their support for undocumented and refugee neighbors, as they were once “strangers in a strange land.” 
Initially, Never Again Para Nadie, will be distributed to festivals and streaming sites. But this film will also be donated, along with a free teaching tools, to educational institutions and activist organizations nationwide. Contributions will fund free digital copies of the film, accompanied by curriculum, readings and discussion guides. From middle-school to college students, community organizers and educators, we can reach thousands of people. 

To date, Never Again Para Nadie has been primarily self-funded. Your financial support will help us reach people all across the country. 

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