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Modern Pioneering

In this award-winning national TV series Modern Pioneering, chef, best-selling author and outdoor expert Georgia Pellegrini teaches what she calls ‘manual literacy.’ In each cinematic episode, Georgia highlights unique people who are artisans and craftsmen, preserving the traditions of their cultures. In an age of the information highway, social networks, entertainment junkies, and the blurry line between reality and virtual reality—all sedentary pastimes—Georgia teaches useful ways for people to access what is real and lasting and tangible, to access the DIY values and can-do, improvisational spirit of our grandparents’ generation, to extinguish the manic flicker of the computer screen and learn how to use our hands again.

Modern Pioneering won “Best New Series” at the 12th Annual Taste Awards. Nominated alongside other high profile contenders from HBO, Netflix and other cable and network television, we are honored that the work of our small crew is recognized and thank all of the artisans and small businesses for allowing us to tell their stories. 

With its cinematic production value, Modern Pioneering was among the highest voted shows when American Public Television offered it to stations across the country. It continues to have impressive numbers, with U.S. Coverage of 94% reaching 45 states, 172 markets, 16,244 telecasts to-date. It’s market reach is 100% of Top 25 Markets, and 96% of Top 26-50 Markets. In addition to being available on public television stations nationwide, it is also on Create TV, and streaming online on PBS Passport. It is also distributed in select international markets. 

Here’s a special deal for anyone who would like another season of Modern Pioneering by this producer: Make a tax-deductible donation of $500 or more, and we will send you a password to watch Episode 7. Enjoy, and thank you! 

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