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Milk Money

Written and Directed by Jimmy Nguyen

Milk Money is about two brothers, who grow up on a dairy farm and come back as adults to help their parents through a difficult period.  The older brother is the White, while the younger brother was adopted from China as a baby.  Their desire to save the farm is complicated by their strained relationship.  Each wants to be the good son, but it eventually leads them down a dark path.  If you like gritty family drama/heist movies, then Milk Money is the short movie for you.  


I, Jimmy Nguyen, am the writer and director of Milk Money.  I live on a 13-acre farm in Fauquier County that is less than ten minutes from the two dairy farms where most of our scenes will take place. Throughout my life I’ve worked on five different fruit and vegetable farms that sold through CSAs or farmers’ markets.  In that time, I never interacted much with dairy farms.  That all changed when I moved to Fauquier County and was surrounded by them.  I’ve gotten to know some of them as neighbors and have met some through my wife, who is the county’s 4-H Extension Agent and helps manage several 4-H livestock clubs.

I want to make Milk Money to show a slice of rural America that people don’t often think about or will never get to see.  It’s safe to say that dairy farming and milk are contentious issues. Regardless of where someone stands on animal farming or nutrition, I want audiences to appreciate the hard work, dedication, and financial and emotional stress that comes with being a family-run dairy operation.  The past few years have been difficult for dairies as prices have bottomed and costs continue to rise forcing many dairies to go out of business.  It’s gotten so bad that a Northeast dairy cooperative sent out notices to member farmers that lists contacts for suicide prevention hotlines. Milk Money offers a glimpse into a family that is struggling with some of these issues. 

Come on this ride with us as we make a great movie and try to get it onto the big screen at film festivals around the country and possibly internationally.  We intend to enter the finished product into local Virginia, D.C. and Maryland film festivals and some of the bigger ones like Sundance and Palm Springs International Shortfest.   

We intend to begin shooting by late March 2019 and ask for your help in making this movie. Thanks for your donation and/or general good mojo directed towards this project.  We will deliver a great product for you.  


 $65 – Movie poster

  1. Receive a 18″ x 24″ Milk Money movie poster
  2. Signed script
  3. Link to watch movie online

$100 – Premiere on the Farm

  1. One ticket to the Milk Money premiere on our 13-acre farm in Bealeton, VA.  There will be snacks and drinks provided.
    *Note: Does not include travel to and from the event or lodging.  Camping on the property is allowed.
  2. Signed script
  3. Link to watch movie online.

$130 – Bee seminar
Come to the Bealeton farm and go through my beehives, where I will give a 1-2 hours seminar on bees and beekeeping.  You also get:

  • Hand salve made from our beeswax

$160 – Credits

  1. Get a special thank you in the movie credits
  2. Premiere on the Farm (you can bring a +1)
  3. Movie poster
  4. Link to watch movie online

$275 – Associate Producer

  1. Associate Producer credit
  2. Premiere on the Farm (+1)
  3. Movie poster
  4. Link to movie

$1,000 – Executive Producer

  1. Executive Producer credit
  2. Premiere on the Farm (+2)
  3. Movie poster or hand salve
  4. Signed script
  5. Link to the movie

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