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Militia 99

A Film by Vijay M. Rajan

Militia 99 — A Feature-Length Narrative Film

Furious at what he sees as the un-American, anti-democratic gap between the “one percent” elites and the rest of the country’s population, and after discovering that criminals within the one percent are effectively above the law, young American military veteran Nik teams up with disavowed Russian sleeper agent Alina to fix the problem via targeted assassination.

Militia 99 sheds light on the palpable, potentially explosive, anger of the ninety-nine percent toward those who use their wealth and influence to dominate and control. This action-packed film aspires to a theatrical-release production value, including action movie staples such as gunplay and explosions. The film also boasts a thematic complexity, dealing with the moral ramifications of the actions of our anti-heroes and their goal to revolutionize America. The film explores timely issues such as income inequality, homelessness, human trafficking, and a lack of accountability for affluent criminals. A diverse cast also reflects our contemporary and multi-faceted society; our female lead is a powerful and dynamic woman, who rises to take charge of her own liberation. Ultimately, the film asks: What is patriotism? In the time of Colin Kaepernick, this question is more relevant than ever. Our answer: Patriotism is taking care of other Americans, regardless of self-interest or profit.

The production team bringing Militia 99 to life has the larger goal in mind of creating a new film and television production hub in the San Francisco Bay Area. There’s a wealth of resources and diversity in Silicon Valley whose potential has yet to be tapped! Donating to this film today is contributing to the burgeoning film scene we hope to nurture into something that can, in the near future, rival the likes of Hollywood.

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