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Making Peace Visible

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About this project:
Jamil Simon, Founder and Director

Making Peace Visible (MPV) is a bridge-building organization igniting critical conversations all over the world about how the media covers peace and conflict. At MPV, our mission is to help expand global coverage of peace and reconciliation efforts in the media, to inspire a wider range of approaches to conflict reporting, and to improve the overall public narrative about peace.

Our vision is grounded in the belief that peacebuilding is a viable and transformative practice capable of resolving conflict without war and violence. We also recognize that peacebuilding will continue to be starved for resources until the public recognizes peacebuilding as a viable alternative to war. Given the critical role the media plays in shaping societal narratives when it comes to conflict, MPV is committed to forging strong connections between journalists and peacebuilders to support them in presenting peace and conflict differently. To paraphrase the American playwright, Tom Stoppard, if you want to change the world, start with journalists. We’ve taken his advice seriously.

To accomplish this, we’re implementing a range of activities to foster in-depth, sustained cross-dialogue between both journalists and peacebuilders. We do this through our multiple platforms such as The Making Peace Visible Podcast, our online journal NUANCE, through online and in-person events, such as webinars and international symposia, and through our education program for both journalists and the public. The goal is to establish a new network of professionals, brought together by a shared commitment to reshape the public narrative on peace and conflict.

Associated Members

Jamil Simon, Producer


We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors:

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Lowel Cultural Council
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