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Lucky Milo

A film by Edmund Marcus, Donald Marcus & Lisa Millligan

Project Description:

We’re a team of filmmakers united by our love for and admiration of Milo Imrie, the central subject of this feature-length film, and by our commitment to increasing awareness of the problems facing 18.2 million veterans in the US and so many more worldwide.

We believe Milo’s astonishing story is important not only because it has so much in common with the experiences of others, but also because of the vast archive he left us: hours of video and hundreds of written pages chronicling Milo’s struggles, delivered with his customary intelligence, honesty, humor and eloquence.  Our director/editor Edmund grew up with Milo, placing him in an ideal position to tell this story through fil

Our film aspires to: 

  • Tell Milo’s remarkable story through news reports, home movies, confessional video – as well as in his own words, utilizing his writings and recordings for the film’s narration.
  • Take the audience on a cinematic journey through war and recovery, using art and contemporary culture to blend with Milo’s eyewitness accounts and his own, satirically-inclined taste in music, cinema, and photographic imagery.
  • Feature interviews with Milo’s family, childhood friends, fellow Marines, as well as representatives from the VA, PTSD-recovery specialists, mental health experts and government agencies.
  • Explore the root causes – and potential solutions – of the difficult issues that affected Milo and continue to affect so many vets returning to civilian life. 
  • Create a fitting tribute to Milo by furthering what came to be the dominant aim of his life: helping others. 

Where Will The Money Go?  

  • Salary for the actor providing the film’s narration.
  • Rental of sound studio for recording the narration.
  • Rental of editing equipment.
  • Salaries for film editing and sound mixing personnel (90% of all salaries have been deferred).
  • Legal and accounting expenses.
  • Marketing expenses.

The Team:

  • As a writer/director, EDMUND MILLIGAN MARCUS has directed several prize-winning shorts and is in post-production on two feature films. As a freelance documentarian and videographer he has worked for numerous arts organizations and theater companies.  He will act as director and editor on LUCKY MILO.
  • DONALD MARCUS has served as a writer/producer for television series appearing on CBS, ABC, Fox, and USA Network, and was commissioned by Granada and the BBC to create and develop original drama series for the UK. 
  • LISA MILLIGAN and Don Marcus together founded The Ark Theatre Company in New York City, where they developed and produced the work of emerging, award-winning artists such as Julie Taymor, Derek McLane, Catherine Zuber, and Donna Zakowska. Most recently, Don, Lisa and Edmund collaborated on the feature film, The Vizitant
  • KARLIN KRISHNASWAMI has worked in production on commercials, shorts and TV shows.  She has a passion for digging deep into meaningful issues, and serves as co-producer on LUCKY MILO.
  • STEPHEN ‘STITCH’ KEECH, sound designer, engineer, and musician, will be the sound designer on the film.

Associated Members

Edmund Marcus


We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors:

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Lowel Cultural Council
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Liberty Mutual Foundation
City of Boston Arts and Culture