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Life in Reverse

Life in Reverse is a film about what comes after the Holocaust. Born into widespread devastation, German children coming of age after WWII defied the haunting silence of their parents’ generation. Their grassroots efforts to confront the brutal past transformed Germany into a country renowned for its culture of remembrance and responsibility. 

Filmmakers Rebecca Schorsch and Naomi Schorsch Stein set out to learn from Germany’s struggle to face its history. Traveling to the country that expelled and murdered their family, they discover the power and fragility of honest reckoning as Germany’s commitment to memory work is threatened by battles over the lessons of the Holocaust. 

In this explosive landscape, Rebecca and Naomi unexpectedly encounter questions at the heart of being Jewish today. Our filmmakers must contend with their fears to face the forces of silence within their own communities and come to appreciate more fully the courage it takes to speak truths many would rather ignore.

Associated Members

Rebecca Schorsch, Independent Filmmaker


Naomi Schorsch Stein , Independent Filmmaker