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Sacred Cow

It’s been an exciting year working on the film project. The first big news I have is that it’s evolved into a docuseries. The reason for this is that this is a REALLY complicated story to tell in one feature film. Just the nutrition piece alone could be a full-length feature film, and wouldn’t have allowed us to dive into the nuance needed to explain the environmental and ethical case for better meat. Docuseries are also a more “digestible” way of “consuming” media. (See what I did there?) 

The working title has also changed from Kale vs. Cow to Sacred Cow. This shift reflects our focus on how regeneratively raised cattle are actually a solution to our health and planetary crises even though beef is often the most vilified as the MOST unhealthy, and anti-environmentally friendly food choice. By focusing on solutions, we feel that the project has a much better chance of making a lasting impact.

We spent a large part of the spring following nutrition-related stories. I believe that in order to understand the ethics of eating meat, you need to get the environmental case. But the environmental case only makes sense financially if there is a market to use cattle and other animals. We can’t have ranchers just raising cattle to live out their lives to an old age on pasture and “die naturally.”

To be concerned about our dietary impact is as important as our environmental impact. The connection between nutrition and sustainability is starting to make some headway into mainstream media. Everyone is trying to figure out how to feed the world in the most sustainable way and healthy way. However, we’ve allowed corporate interest, big food, flawed science, click-bait media and naïve celebrities to steer us away from what a truly nutrient-dense, ethical and sustainable, and regenerative food system really is. These views influence how we’re training dietitians, our dietary guidelines, school lunch policies, and funding for nutrition-related research.

As we become more globalized the entire world is now pushing towards the “heart healthy” American diet. There’s still so much confusion surrounding what’s causing our modern, nutrition-related diseases and many are blaming red meat.  Worldwide, traditional, healthy foods like meat and traditional fats are being abandoned in favor of processed seed oils, wheat, corn and soy. In the process, we’re destroying entire ecosystems and our health.

In Sacred Cow, I’m going to be asking some critical questions that nobody else seems to be addressing. Does the science really support the claims that animal-based proteins increase obesity rates, type-2 diabetes, and cancer? Does it make sense to be irrigating vast fields of almonds in towns where drinking water has to arrive in plastic bottles? Is the best solution to the future of protein one where we are growing food in labs?  Is red meat really the villain it’s made out to be? Do we really need to be looking to more tofu, soylent, and lab-grown meat as our solution? Will technology or nature save us?  

I’ve made it my goal in life to help people realize the value of well-raised animals in our food system–-both as nutrient-dense food and a resource to help save the planet. As it turns out, the foods that are healthiest for our bodies are also the best for the planet, and I believe, the most ethical options.

We’ve filmed some incredible interviews with experts like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. David Unwin, Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. Sarah Hallberg, and have also been tracking some patient cases through a clinic that is reversing type-2 diabetes through diet. Robb Wolf has come on as co-executive producer, and we’re now working on securing the funding to complete the project. We’ve been talking to a mix of corporate sponsors, private investors and philanthropic foundations to make this happen. 

I could still use your help! I’m accepting public donations through this link, and all contributions are tax-deductible (letters provided upon request).  To execute a project like this in the right way takes a lot of help, and I’d really appreciate yours today. Thank you all for your continued support as I move forward into this next phase of filming!

Want to see me talking about the project? Click here to see the original crowdfunding video.


Our successful crowd funding campaign raised over $200,000, which has brought us through development and into the first stage of production. I’d like to make a special shout out to Justin Nault of Clovis Nutrition, Applegate, and my friends Paul and Pascale Edelman as our most significant contributors so far.


Sarah Ballantyne, Antony & Emily Bartlett, Jacob Cantele, Kristin Canty, John Durant, Paul and Pascale Edelman, Mike Geary, Randy Hartnell, Melissa Hartwig, Heather Jurgensen, Chris Kresser, Michelle Tam, and Robb Wolf


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Check out a video of Joel Salatin endorsing the project here:

Here’s a few shots from the footage we’ve captured so far:

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