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A film by Mike Silva


In this film we journey along with 26 year old Maria Smirnova as she strives to high dive professionally for Cirque Du Soleil and Red Bull. In doing so we introduce our audience not only to Maria but the sport of high diving as well as the recreational, and often dangerous, counterculture of freestyle cliff diving. This is a story about finding meaning in relationships despite the adversity of societal stigmas, gender inequality, racial tension, body image, and injuries. It’s a story about community, grit, perseverance, and pursuing your dreams at all costs.

Several women put their lives at risk by way of their common freedom of expression: Diving off of an 80 foot perch, soaring through the air at 55 mph, and plunging into a shallow pool of water. Although the mental aptitude it takes to be a high diver is a feat in and of itself, it pales in comparison to the transformative period of their lives ahead of them.  


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