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A film by Sally Wu

IF SHE LEAVES spotlights the life of the Wu family in rural Taiwan facing the reality of a cross-border marriage.
Azhe, an industrious Vietnamese woman, migrated to Taiwan through a marriage broker with hopes of improving the lives of her impoverished family back home. Long, a Taiwanese man disabled from polio and 20 years older than Azhe, is a brute with a soft heart who is desperate to keep his family together.
Both Azhe and Long struggle to reconcile their personal needs of love and dignity with their familial duty to serve their parents and care for their children. When she finally obtains Taiwanese citizenship, Azhe contemplates her options. Will she leave Long and her beloved daughters behind in order to start anew? Will she resign to stay and commit to building an imperfect life with Long? What will become of her if she chooses either path?

Producer/Director: Sally Wu

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