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I Remember Better When I Paint

A film by Berna Huebner

“I Remember Better When I Paint” was inspired by the true life stories of people with Alzheimer’s who experienced the renewing power of creative engagement. One such person was the artist Hilgos, who, after being afflicted, withdrew from almost all social interactions. The film takes us through her journey as she picks up a brush, begins to paint again—and recovers a sense of identity and fulfillment. Similarly, Yasmin Aga Khan shares the story of her mother, Rita Hayworth, who had Alzheimer’s and found new peace of mind as she painted.

The film visits three major museums (The Musée du Louvre, Art Institute of Chicago, Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C.) where programs focusing on Alzheimer’s and the Arts have been launched. It also visits care centers and neurologists’ offices and laboratories, where specialists explain how parts of the brain are often spared when Alzheimer’s sets in—and how activities that involve those neurological pathways can improve the quality of life for those who have been impaired.

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PRODUCER: Berna Huebner

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