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Healing Voices

Produced, Written and Directed by PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film, HEALING VOICES explores the experience commonly labeled as ‘psychosis’ through the stories of real-life individuals, and features interviews with notable international experts including Robert Whitaker, Dr. Bruce Levine, Celia Brown, Will Hall, Dr. Marius Romme, and others, on the history of psychiatry and the rise of the ‘medical model’ of mental health treatment. The documentary was released in more than 130 communities internationally in the spring of 2016 via world premiere screenings and community dialogues produced by local partners. This event marked the beginning of a unique vision for the film’s theatrical release – a progression of grassroots and major-market screenings, built off a global launch which demonstrated to partners, and audiences, a specific intention for how the film should be used: as an opportunity for communities to come together and explore the multi-layered social issue of “mental health.” Since the release, screenings have continued in earnest, and these events have done more than raise public awareness. They have mobilized the creation of peer support groups, student groups, hearing voices groups, and more, as well as follow up events to continue the conversation. HEALING VOICES made its world premiere at the 14th annual Boston International Film Festival and won an “Indie Spec” award for documentary. For information about how to bring HEALING VOICES to your community, please visit

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