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Finding Festivals

Executive Producer, Haylie Robinson

Uniting communities through education and entertainment is the mission of independent producer and host Haylie Robinson and heart of travel genre television series Finding Festivals.

For two years communities have not been able to gather and celebrate together. Now, annual events have fully returned and are happily inviting guests. Festivals are so much more than a weekend of fun but an opportunity to deepen understanding, exchange ideas and enjoy festivities together.

The 13-episodic series uses annual events to educate PBS viewers on art, culture, heritage, agriculture, community and history. Through conversation, participation and laughter host Haylie Robinson will share the incredible stories found within each featured festival and its host city.

Haylie, who is known online as Hayliestory, is not your average festival goer. Serving her hometown in an ambassador role as a fair queen birthed the idea for Finding Festivals. Experiencing neighboring towns during annual events sparked a new appreciation for festivals that Haylie felt needed to be shared.

As an independent producer Haylie Robinson is not contracted, commissioned or fiscally supported by any broadcast, cable or streaming network. Finding Festivals is solely made possible by supporters like you.

Four of the thirteen episodes have been filmed and will air on PBS affiliate WGTE November 2022 and January 2023. The final nine episodes are slated to air fall 2023 so long as funding efforts are successful.

Your support will aid in airing the first four episodes and the production, post-production, editing, distribution and marketing of the final nine episodes.

A small-town girl’s dream to unite communities through education and entertainment is made possible by supporters like you. Thank you so very much!

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Haylie Robinson, Producer


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