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Finding DeGrazia

A film by Erik Yeager

Millions of dollars in valuable paintings may lie hidden in the Superstition Mountains of central Arizona, buried by the very artist that created them. Does this treasure exist, and if so, can it be found? What can we learn about the man who might have buried this treasure, and what can a son learn about his father through this journey?

In 1976, world-famous artist Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia (1909-1982), set fire to approximately 100 of his own paintings in order to protest inheritance taxes on works of art. This infamous event received national coverage and was reported in such publications as “The Wall Street Journal” and “People Magazine”. However, this may only be part of the story. According to legend, nearly 20 paintings may have been secretly buried by DeGrazia shortly after the infamous journey. Now, DeGrazia’s son, attorney and musician Domingo DeGrazia, seeks to uncover the truth behind this legend armed with the eye-witness testimony of this mother and others close to Domingo’s famous father.

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