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Conversations with Solomon

Exploring Human Motivation

A documentary series by Stephen James

Research-based insights about intractable problems of our time

Scientist. Author. Innovator. Rebel.

One of the most respected social scientists in his field, Sheldon Solomon brings an extraordinary perspective to audiences around the world, inspiring them to rethink fundamental assumptions about humanity.   Conversations with Solomon: Exploring Human Motivation is a series of six arresting 30-minute documentaries featuring Dr. Solomon and engaging experts who explore the most urgent issues affecting contemporary life. Together they challenge conventional thinking about problems including Mental Health, Economic Inequality, the Environment, Bigotry, and War.

Sheldon Solomon, Ph.D. is a foremost authority on, and co-creator of, Terror Management Theory (TMT) which is concerned with how humans deal with their own sense of mortality.   He is author or co-author of several books and numerous articles on research in the groundbreaking field of TMT.  He is known for his rare combination of intellect, quirkiness, and wit in a presentation style that informs, engages and entertains. 

He and his guests present uniquely arresting ideas and rely on current research and past writers whose arguments hold true today.   

Underlying and informing the discussions are the ideas of Pulitzer prize-winning, multi-disciplinary thinker Ernest Becker.  Becker pioneered a scientific understanding of human motivation that has subsequently been expanded by a group of experimental social scientists and cultural critics.  Their empirical studies – replicated one thousand times over the last three decades – have validated Becker’s theories across cultures, education levels, gender, age, and ethnicity.

The project is in the late post production stage. The first three episodes have been completed.  Work remaining includes completion of Episodes 4, 5, and 6.  The series is intended for distribution on video on demand (VOD) platforms.

Episodes 1 & 2 Mental Health have already won outstanding achievement awards for documentary and television series at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.  Episode 3 Inequality has been selected to appear at Accolade Global Film Competition and Impact Docs festivals.

Helps you think through positions on issues that have the media stumped

We don’t have any magic beans to fix the world, but we have some thoughts on why there can be room for hope, unreasonable as it sometimes seems.  Understanding why people do what they do, in addition to other disciplines and points of view, can bring us to a fuller understanding of the problems facing humanity, and, in the end, to possible solutions.  Conversations with Solomon ultimately provides benefits for viewers´ daily lives, making a social impact by helping audiences with life-changing decisions through better understanding of their own very human motivations.

Conversations with Solomon is presented by Contemporary Heroism Initiative Foundation.  The intent of CHI is to refocus and replace current individual, self-focused heroism with reverence for people who are working for community and the common good. For latest news go to:




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