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Color By Numbers

A film by Michael Juliano

Color By Numbers (drama/crime) is a narrative fiction film about the police. It is about families, on both sides of town. It is about how they are alike, and, how they are different. It is about racism and implicit bias and race related shootings. It is about mental health. It is about the wrongfully accused. It is about the American dream. And, it is about hope.

Award winning (Writer-Director) Michael Juliano since 2015 is been perfecting the script via research and via interviews with law enforcement and common folk and activists. The Brockton Massachusetts Police Department is loaning police cruisers, cast in the lead role of the “white” police officer is a real time cop (who acts part time). Our cinematographer’s credits include History Channel biopics, Jay z, J-Lo, The Roots videos and Emmy winning programming, he helped push to bring the story to it’s next level. Our onset coach is endorsed by Oscar and Emmy winning actors. In his spare time (the) Writer-Director does the honor of serving as a dramturge and consultant to fellows via Actors Studio PDU, New York division. 

We value your support, all contributions welcomed, none is too great, or, too small. And, may one day we find peace as country.

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