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Chef’s Sanctuary

We have some amazing gifts for donations of $100 or more, including an exclusive ‘On-Camera’ CHEF’S TABLE event being filmed for this documentary. Details at bottom. We need to raise 90k to cover the cost of production and post-production. Please help us inspire more LOVE and SOCIAL CHANGE in the world by making a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation today.

Chef’s Sanctuary is a participatory documentary about the journey of an ordinary man who overcame extraordinary circumstances to discover his own inner Sanctuary. An epic Hero’s journey of a human being standing in his truth, while following his heart’s passion, amidst the horrendous struggles he faced growing up and then as an illegal immigrant in the United States.

Chef Tony Castillo’s incredible resilience and willingness to find the blessing in his struggles, has allowed him to go from a baby abandoned at birth in Venezuela, a child constantly bullied in Mexico for his love of cooking, to homeless and an illegal immigrant in the US, to shot and nearly killed, to now a proud restaurant owner and US Citizen, who was recently awarded “International Chef of the Year”.

Ex. Producer and Host, Danny McFarland, is a retired decorated Deputy Sheriff who was nearly killed and permanently disabled in the line of duty. Danny was awarded the Bronze Star for Bravery, and the Purple Heart. Danny suffered from excruciating pain every second of everyday of his life, until a decade later when he began healing his mind and body holistically. His darkest moments in life became his greatest gifts, and now he’s empowering others to do the same by sharing inspirational stories from Hurt to Happiness.

This heartfelt project has been blessed with an amazing team, primarily Latino based. Director/Co-Producer Mario Beauregard, Assoc. Producer Claudia Padilla, Primetime Emmy award winning and nine time nominated Cinematographer, Petr Cikhart, and Mexico’s award winning Cinematographer, Vidblaín Balvás (2nd Unit Camera Man).


$1k (usd) or more: You receive one (1) seat to an exclusive Chef’s Table experience with Chef Tony. Various dates available, TBD.

$5k (usd) or more: You receive one (1) seat for exclusive (On-Camera) Chef’s Table special event being filmed for Chef’s Sanctuary documentary (TBD). 

$10k (usd) or more: Includes two (2) seats to same (On-Camera) Chef’s Table special event, plus your name in credits as an Associate Producer. 

$500 (usd) or more: Receive one (1) raffle ticket, chance to win two (2) seats to an exclusive Chef’s Table with Chef Tony (not on-camera). Four (4) winners.

$100 (usd) donation or more, all receive an invite to a special private party to thank our supports @ Longitud315 in Chicago area or @ El Santuario del Chef in Ticuman, Mexico (Your choice). Date TBD. 

*(On-Camera) Chef’s Table special event will be held @ Longitud315. Date TBD. Only eight (8) seats available. Lock in your seat today. 

*All other exclusive Chef’s Table events will be held @ Longitud315 and @ El Santuario del Chef (your choice) Various dates available TBD.

*NOTE on all donations for CHEF’s SANCTUARY film (Accepting checks, credit cards, crypto currency, stocks) Note: CHEF’s SANCTUARY please. 

This is our way of saying THANK YOU to all of our AMAZING donors. We literally can not do this without you heartfelt support. for more details and to follow our journey. for any questions or interest in collaborating with our film. 

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Danny McFarland, Independent Filmmaker


We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors:

Massachusetts Cultural Council
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