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A short film by Joshua Gaestel

A young woman named Gradey abuses household items, desperate to escape the pain of caring for her dying father.  She considers imperfect plans of escape offered by a local boy without the means to pull them off, and dreams of a better life.

CANDY CAKES is a 10 minute narrative short from Arborcast Films.  It is a cathartic portrait of generational trauma, and our misguided reward systems.  This drama will contrast the drab, sickly reality of substance abuse with the bright colors of advertisements and food packaging.  The cinematography, art direction, and sound design will work together to capture bittersweet dreams of unattainable paradise and indulgence.  An Elegy in icing.
All actors, locations, and artists will be local, and every dollar spent will be put on screen.

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Joshua Gaestel, Independent Filmmaker


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