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Bringing it Home

An Ellen Brodsky Production

Producer Ellen Brodsky’s “Bringing it Home” is a documentary of a road trip and a quest. Texan college students, mostly Hispanic, are journeying 1,000 miles from San Antonio to Springfield to petition the people of Illinois to repatriate the leg of a Mexican president on display in their state military museum. This cork leg was captured during the Mexican American War where it was used as a baseball bat on the battlefield, then as a peep show prize on tour throughout the US. The leg belonged to General Santa Anna, Mexico’s commander of the Mexican-American war and of the battle of the Alamo—a man whom all Texans are taught to hate. Hatred for Santa Anna has often spilled over into hating Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. If contempt for Santa Anna has been a festering wound, then perhaps repatriation can help heal. These students set out to get a leg, yet unexpectedly they find themselves grappling with a much larger and harder issue. These students, many of them veterans or military family members, struggle to reckon with what we bring home from war – as nations and individuals, as students of history and of life.

After filming the preparation for the trip in October 2015 and February 2016, we are raising funds to film the epic journey to repatriate the leg in October 2016, a voyage timed with the end of Hispanic Heritage month, 169 years after the Battle of Cerro Gordo when Santa Anna lost his leg. Again.

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