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Blame It On Gutenberg

We are happy to present Blame It On Gutenberg, which may now be viewed in itsentirety at

Our brains evolved to observe and listen, to communicate verbally, to teach by example and to learn by doing. Learning to read, on the other hand, doesn’t come naturally. It involves re-purposing neural pathways originally adapted to spotting prey or avoiding predators. Somepeople struggle with reading as schoolchildren. Some struggle all their lives.

That’s why one in ten people, a great many highly intelligent individuals, will slog painfully through these paragraphs, while effortlessly absorbing the visual and verbal content in our 64-minute documentary. The film examines the evolving science of dyslexia, dueling theories over how to teach reading, and one family’s landmark struggle with an unresponsive school system.

This self-funded project has been undertaken as a non-profit effort, through the 501-c3 umbrella of the Filmmakers Collaborative. Your support will help us recover some of the cost to produce the film and ultimately make it available for wider viewing through streaming and broadcast outlets.

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