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Blame It On Gutenberg

Our brains evolved to observe and listen, to communicate verbally, to teach by example and to learn by doing. Learning to read, on the other hand, doesn’t come naturally. It involves re-purposing neural pathways originally adapted to spotting prey or avoiding predators. Some people struggle with reading as schoolchildren. Some struggle all their lives.

That’s why one in ten people, a great many highly intelligent individuals, will slog painfully through these paragraphs, while effortlessly absorbing the visual and verbal content in the short teaser video for our proposed full-length documentary about dyslexia.

Blame It On Gutenberg will explore the conflicting viewpoints of dedicated educators, dyslexic children and adults, concerned parents, and cutting edge researchers in their high-tech brain labs.

Further, it will turn an objective eye to the claims of conspicuous overachievers who attribute their success to the enhanced visual/spatial/“holistic thinking” skills they believe are conferred by their dyslexia.

Blame It On Gutenberg is a non-profit, educational documentary project being produced and directed by Rob DelGaudio along with Co-Producer/Writer Rocco Giuliano and support from Black Pearl Productions, an award-winning Boston-area media/content creation company in its third decade of operation.

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Rob DelGaudio, Independent Filmmaker