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Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi


Thank you to everyone who has supported this special season of Bare Feet so far – we couldn’t have gotten this far without you!  We are now in our final stages of fundraising, needing to meet the final 1/3 of our budget goal by the end of the year – we have wrapped filming all 12 episodes, and we are now in the post-production and editing phase.  This last round of funding will cover post production, editing, distribution fees, marketing, press, and promotion.  With final funding under way, as long as we reach our goal by the end of 2021, we are still scheduled for a Winter/Spring 2022 release of Season 5 on PBS nationwide – thank you again for all of your support!

And here are some behind-the-scenes of running into YOU, our fans, while filming Season 5 of Bare Feet – thank you ALL!

Host and professional dancer Mickela Mallozzi returns for another season of the Emmy® Award-winning travel series, Bare Feet in NYC, where she travels the world within the five boroughs of New York City. In this post-COVID era, Mickela shares the recovery of this resilient city through the arts and the small businesses that make up these diverse community neighborhoods.

Mickela Mallozzi is the four-time Emmy® Award-winning Host and Executive Producer of Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi, a travel series highlighting the diversity of dance which airs on PBS stations nationwide and on Amazon Prime Video globally. A professional dancer and trained musician, Mickela decided to start a journey around the world, taking her camera with her to follow dance in the lives of everyday people wherever she went. From re-discovering her family’s heritage in Southern Italy to dancing tango on the main stage in Buenos Aires, the series covers Mickela’s adventures as she experiences the world, one dance at a time. She has been featured in The New York Times, O Magazine, The Washington Post, AFAR Media, Travel Channel, Dance Magazine, Forbes, National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler, and more, and she has performed on various television shows including Sesame Street and The Doctor Oz Show.


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