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The Hudson Valley of upstate New York has been synonymous with America’s art scene since the 19th century, as artists such as Frederic Church and Thomas Cole pioneered the Hudson River School, launching American art onto the world stage. Once again this area is a thriving artist haven as 21st century artists find inspiration in the rolling hills of upstate New York.

Artiste is a documentary series that showcases the artists of today who live and create in this area, exploring what led them to move to the Hudson Valley, why they stayed, and how their lives and work have thrived in their new artistic home.As we experience the work of six untraditional artists, each working in unique mediums, we are invited into their creative processes and understand how the place itself deeply informs their art. In this challenging environmental moment, artists are leading the way back to an engagement with nature, finding profound community both with each other and with the Hudson River Valley.

As we near the 200th birthday of Frederic Church, Artiste will serve as a celebration of art in America, exploring one of the major schools of American art. While the landscape has stayed the same, the inspiration that artists receive from this area has changed as each artist works to further their understanding of modern art.

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