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American Hate

A film by Tarek Albaba

This documentary takes an intimate, investigative and poignant look into the tragic 2015 Chapel Hill Murders of three Muslim college students Deah, Yusor and Razan. The murderer, Craig Steven Hicks, told investigators this was over a parking dispute.

News of the tragedy spread like wildfire, leaving millions of people shocked and confused. The murders rocked the esteemed Research Triangle area of North Carolina, which has a thriving, well educated Muslim population. Family and friends mourned the deaths of Yusor, Deah and Razan but they also chose to honor their legacies by speaking out against hate and helping those in need.

The framework for our story will be built around the arraignment/trial – State VS Hicks. We will take the viewers inside the briefing room with District Attorney, Santana Deberry, assistant DA Kendra Montgomery and renowned lawyer, Joe Cheshire. We will ride with Farris Barakat days before the trial and be with the families as they prepare to face the defendant, Craig Hicks. As the families walk into the Durham County Courthouse, we will go back to the day they received the shocking news. Local, national and international headlines flood the screen. The conflicting narrative is born and shared around the world as the families fight for the FBI to investigate the heinous murders as a Hate Crime. In court, the DA walks through every step of the crime.









They breakdown Hicks’ erratic behavior, his family/work history and his attitude towards his neighbors.This case was about correcting the narrative and acknowledging this crime for what it was, a Hate Crime. Just like Rosa Parks was not simply about a bus seat, this was not about an issue over parking. 

We were able to complete our last phase of principle photography and have now started the post- production process. We are seeking your support for post-production costs (Editing, Sound Mixing, Color Correction, Music, Graphics, Titles), rights, film festival entry fees, legal fees, and equipment rentals.

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