Featuring food, dance, music, art, and plenty of laughter, XPERIENCES centers the people and culture of destinations around the world as experienced by host and producer Rafael Moreno. Raised in the South Bronx, Rafael is a Dominican-American presenter, actor, writer, and traveler who visited 15 countries before the age of 30. With XPERIENCES, Rafael combines his passion for travel and storytelling, exploring the myriad ways people enjoy life around the globe. From the producer of award-winning travel series “FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II,” and destined for release on Public Television in early 2025, “XPERIENCES with Rafael Moreno” takes you there! Let’s go!

Food not only connects us, it also plays a pivotal role in some of humanity’s greatest challenges: from climate change and biodiversity loss, to health and healing, to social justice and inclusion.

In The Food Principle, we explore this idea together with our viewers, transporting them into adventures side-by side visionaries fighting at the front lines of conservation & community. Our expert guides in this quest range from indigenous farmers to world-renowned chefs, from coastal fishermen to crop scientists, from food waste entrepreneurs to social impact restaurateurs, and many more. 

The global backdrop for this vivid gustatory expedition is equally wide-ranging: from tropical rainforests to urban jungles, seed labs to secret gardens, and from lofty mountains to the high seas. Throughout, we hope to inspire wonder, empathy and action, and to learn how each of us can make a difference, whether at home in our communities or halfway around the world. Together, let’s plant a better planet!

The Food Principle Season 1 airs on PBS stations and streams for free on PBS online as well as on PBS Food’s YouTube Channel. Production for Season 2 begins in May 2024.


A colorful culinary celebration of Lebanese cuisine, culture, and customs created, produced and hosted by the “Queen of Lebanese Cuisine,” Julie Taboulie!

By: Julie Taboulie Television, LLC for American Public Television/Create TV/PBS Presented and Distributed by American Public Television. Airing Nationwide on American Public Television Stations, Create TV and PBS.

Learn the Amazing Artistry of Authentic Lebanese Cooking, Culture and Customs with the Ambassador for Lebanese Cuisine Julie Taboulie.

The Emmy-Nominated and Award-Winning Special Series, Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen, is finally here and fresher than ever! But, first we need your help to make this highly anticipated “fresh is best” new season of Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen happen today!

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In JULIE TABOULIE’S LEBANESE KITCHEN, the Emmy-nominated and Award-Winning Lebanese-American Chef, Bestselling and Award Winning Cookbook Author, Public Television Culinary Star & Host and Maronite Catholic Ambassador for Lebanese Cuisine, Julie Taboulie, warmly welcomes one and all into a whole new wonderful world of the fresh, flavorful and fabulous famous foods from her beloved Lebanese heritage.

Public television programming is made possible by YOU, corporate sponsors, underwriters and benefactors and individual donors. We can’t create this beautiful show, inspirational and informative programming without your support. Please consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation today! YOUR contribution is truly appreciated and much needed to make the fresh new season of the series possible. YOUR gift will be the gift that keeps on giving as our special show will air on American Public Television Stations and Create TV for four years plus streaming on PBS Passport for many years to come.

We would love for you to show your support for the special show that you love so much! Please give back today and pay it forward by supporting public television and the fresh new season of this award-winning special series Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen. Help us bring this special show to air today. Your support is truly appreciated always. 

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Takloull bil’ Hanna ~ Eat in Happiness. 

Sending smiles, Julie Taboulie (:



Hailed as the “Queen of Lebanese Cuisine,” this first-generation and full-blooded Lebanese-American Ambassador, Julie Taboulie, has been immersed in learning, making and sharing Lebanese cuisine and culture all her life and now she takes viewers along with her on a colorful, culinary and cultural journey as she creates, cooks and celebrates the mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine and culture of Lebanon. Julie shares her authentic array of original Lebanese recipes, an amazing repertoire that have been handed down in her family spanning for over three generations. Richly rooted recipes from the old-world of Lebanon from Julie’s maternal grandmother (Sitto) to the new world from Julie’s mother (Ima) and today into her own hands and heart to keep her beloved heritage, hospitality, time honored traditions, and above all her authenticity alive and well to all American audiences and abroad.

Julie joyfully and seamlessly simplifies, demystifies and cheerfully clarifies the cuisine of her cherished culture. Join Julie in her bright and beautiful kitchen as she brings her fascinating family recipes to fruition, blended with her personal family stories, seasoned with her step-by-step instructions, tried and true tips, tricks, and techniques while she shares the secrets to true Lebanese cooking so that audiences can successfully re-create her authentic recipes right at home.

They’re Julie Taboulie tested and Mama approved!

Julie makes special stops at her mother’s glorious garden to gather home-grown ingredients, inspiration and ideas from her greatest influence in her life, Mama, which ignite her spirit and feed her soul that she showcases and shares with viewers throughout this culinary series and special showcase of “Mama’s Glorious Garden!” 

This mother and daughter duo is dynamic and deliciously delightful in our cooking show series special segment “Mama’s Glorious Garden.” Throughout the series audiences are affectionately introduced to Julie Taboulie’s number one person of her inspiration, Mama, and her number one place of her inspiration, “Mama’s Glorious Garden.”

As a special guest gardener, chef, and co-hostess, Mama meets and greets Julie in her gorgeous garden and grounds where it’s all about growing and gardening galore and more! Mama and Julie instantly attract attention appealing to audiences through their interesting ideas and interactions and enlightening exchanges on extraordinary elements throughout the garden. This series special segment showcases Mama sharing her knowledge, know-how, and how-to hands-on horticultures on specialty seeds, unique vegetable varieties, extraordinary herbs and green-thumb gardening tips impressing, inspiring and influencing audiences time and time again.

As one of the most affectionately anticipated areas in the series, audiences have come to absolutely adore, admire and most of all appreciate Mama and her glorious garden!


Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen is a true timeless treasure trove of tradition. Turn your kitchen into a Lebanese cuisine international cooking experience by contributing!



The Hudson Valley of upstate New York has been synonymous with America’s art scene since the 19th century, as artists such as Frederic Church and Thomas Cole pioneered the Hudson River School, launching American art onto the world stage. Once again this area is a thriving artist haven as 21st century artists find inspiration in the rolling hills of upstate New York.

Artiste is a documentary series that showcases the artists of today who live and create in this area, exploring what led them to move to the Hudson Valley, why they stayed, and how their lives and work have thrived in their new artistic home.As we experience the work of six untraditional artists, each working in unique mediums, we are invited into their creative processes and understand how the place itself deeply informs their art. In this challenging environmental moment, artists are leading the way back to an engagement with nature, finding profound community both with each other and with the Hudson River Valley.

As we near the 200th birthday of Frederic Church, Artiste will serve as a celebration of art in America, exploring one of the major schools of American art. While the landscape has stayed the same, the inspiration that artists receive from this area has changed as each artist works to further their understanding of modern art.

TV Show 

Threaded reveals the powerful stories behind ancestral clothing, jewelry, and textiles, along with the mythology that inspired them. This allows us to reconnect with our roots and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of humanity.  This unique 30 minute docu-series guides viewers on a worldwide exploration of diverse cultures through the lens of their traditional attire. Historically, clothing has been more than just a practical necessity, it’s been a language that gives insight to a society’s traditions, values, and environment. Local guides will take us on a journey of discovery, by engaging with local artists, leaders, and storytellers. Through examining their designs, materials, and myths, we reveal the extraordinary role of clothing in their culture and gain a deeper connection to the people who wear them, their history, and their way of life.


Beautifully filmed in Northern India, the first episode follows the Naga Konyak, who are known as “headhunters”. This practice of collecting their enemy’s skulls was officially banned by the Indian government in 1960. However, human skulls and the mythology surrounding them, dominate in their traditions, beliefs and art. Through the use of drone footage, interviews, historical records, animation, and local music, we learn about the Konyak while focusing on their views of power, fertility and wealth. 

Our Story

This idea beautifully emerged from the collaboration of its creators, Gabriela Barnat and Natalia Benesz, whose individual passions and experiences have enabled them to present our world through this unique lens. As a journalist, Gabriela’s focus has been on fashion across diverse cultures. Natalia has been in movie and TV production for more than a decade. Both have spent their lives traveling in order to understand and engage with remote and indigenous people around the world. Together … they bring you Hidden Fashion World.

For more details please check our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/threaded.series/

Your support not only helps us share the untold stories of indigenous communities and ethnic groups but also makes a direct impact, with 10% of your donation going to support local causes.

In this award-winning national TV series Modern Pioneering, chef, best-selling author and outdoor expert Georgia Pellegrini teaches what she calls ‘manual literacy.’ In each cinematic episode, Georgia highlights unique people who are artisans and craftsmen, preserving the traditions of their cultures. In an age of the information highway, social networks, entertainment junkies, and the blurry line between reality and virtual reality—all sedentary pastimes—Georgia teaches useful ways for people to access what is real and lasting and tangible, to access the DIY values and can-do, improvisational spirit of our grandparents’ generation, to extinguish the manic flicker of the computer screen and learn how to use our hands again.

Modern Pioneering won “Best New Series” at the 12th Annual Taste Awards. Nominated alongside other high profile contenders from HBO, Netflix and other cable and network television, we are honored that the work of our small crew is recognized and thank all of the artisans and small businesses for allowing us to tell their stories. 

With its cinematic production value, Modern Pioneering was among the highest voted shows when American Public Television offered it to stations across the country. It continues to have impressive numbers, with U.S. Coverage of 94% reaching 45 states, 172 markets, 16,244 telecasts to-date. It’s market reach is 100% of Top 25 Markets, and 96% of Top 26-50 Markets. In addition to being available on public television stations nationwide, it is also on Create TV, and streaming online on PBS Passport. It is also distributed in select international markets. 

Here’s a special deal for anyone who would like another season of Modern Pioneering by this producer: Make a tax-deductible donation of $500 or more, and we will send you a password to watch Episode 7. Enjoy, and thank you! 

A public television series by Roberto Mighty


World’s Greatest Cemeteries” is a new Public TV/PBS series about the most beautiful burial grounds on earth, and the diverse historical figures interred in them. In each half-hour episode, Host/Executive Producer Roberto Mighty takes us to one of these iconic outdoor museums, where we meet inspiring people from the past who helped make our world what it is today. 

The series features costumed historical reenactors, breathtaking cinematography, and upbeat interviews with diverse historians, tour guides, landscape architects, horticulturalists and other experts. Season 1 debuted to nationwide acclaim in October, 2021, with rave reviews, press coverage, and viewer recommendations about cemeteries around the world. By May, our broadcast presence was enhanced with online streaming 24/7 on PBS Passport. We are now in production on new episodes for Season 2, slated for broadcast and PBS Passport in February, 2023. Distributed by American Public Television. Presented by Northern California Public Media.

Season 2 Diverse History Makers

Season 2 includes mini biographies on Authors Louisa May Alcott, Herman Melville, and Henry David Thoreau; Salsa Singer Celia Cruz; Boxer and Humanitarian Muhammad Ali; Musicians Irving Berlin, Miles Davis, and Grover Washington, Jr; Food magnates Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz and Colonel Harlan Sanders; Scientist Jokichi Takamine; formerly enslaved farmer John Jack; Civil War Medal of Honor winner David Urbanski; and many others.


“World’s Greatest Cemeteries” is garnering press coverage across America. Viewers are raving about the series. Please see our website for press clips and viewer quotes. Season 1 metrics exceeded our expectations, including total PBS TV market coverage reaching 66%, of the USA, with the series airing in 36 of the top 50 markets.


Award-winning filmmaker, multimedia artist and TV Executive Producer Roberto Mighty holds an undergraduate degree in history and an MFA in Visual Arts. He is America’s first Artist-in-Residence at a National Historic Landmark Cemetery. With support from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Institute for Museum and Library Services and other  funders, Roberto made 29 short films and an online exhibit website about Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A few years later, he went on to create “World’s Greatest Cemeteries” for public television. 


Roberto and his team of historians, reenactors, horticulturalists and cinematographers spend days at each location, gathering engaging stories. We augment our location filming  with historical reenactments, commentaries by experts and other special features. Special reports highlight the emergence of diverse facilities, including African-American cemeteries. The resulting half-hour episodes combine these elements into engaging shows that draw rave reviews from viewers.


“World’s Greatest Cemeteries” was designed from the start as a multi-platform project. It is broadcast on Public TV and streamed on PBS Passport. There is a multimedia website, and next year we are developing our first museum exhibit. Viewers are encouraged to visit our website to share comments and recommendations for future shows. For Season 2, the site will feature exclusive video features and bonus content that complements our broadcasts. Plans for a podcast are also in development.


We believe in an expanded concept of inclusiveness. This program underscores the common humanity of our collective heritage. Season 2 features burials of formerly enslaved African Americans; Jewish cemeteries; monuments to Muslims and Asians; and more. Our vision includes partnering with historians, historical societies and community organizations; the development of  teachers’ guides; and creating an internship program to help train diverse, emerging historical filmmakers.

Future Seasons

Viewers have spoken. In emails, social media posts and phone calls, they’ve recommended enough cemeteries to keep “World’s Greatest Cemeteries” busy for several more years.

Sample Viewer Comments (edited for length)

(KERA Dallas, TX) Ran across this on World. LOVE IT!!!


(WHYY) Hope you get to Vienna’s beautiful Central Cemetery! Beethoven and many other musicians are buried there. – Linda H.


(KOCE Los Angeles) — Your fabulous series: Stumbled onto your show last one week ago. Set my calendar reminder to watch again this week. Love Greenwood. Been several times. I suggest Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va. Kensico in Valhalla, NY. Woodlawn at the top of Manhattan. You need more visibility. I will spread the word amongst my fellow taphophiles. – Kathleen C.


(KQED – San Francisco, CA) Hi Mr Mighty! I just watched your cemetery show and must write you ! I am in Oakland and live up the street from Mountainview Cemetery- designed by Olmsted and with much to cover.  Enjoying your show! – Kat E.


(WFSU and WGPB) Thank you for your beautiful presentation of cemeteries with works of man-made art and natural art consisting of gardens as pretty as any grand gardens of the world. Please keep up the work and show us more in future seasons. – Kathy M.


(NYCTV-LIFE, New York, NY) Just saw your London show. It was GREAT! Have you done Woodlawn in NY. Celia Cruz, Miles Davis, & Duke Ellington rest there. There is also a small cemetery uptown where James Audubon & Clement Clark Moore are buried. – Zoe S.


(KBDI – Denver, CO) The First Cemetery in Athens Greece is filled with marble statues of it’s dead. Michelangelo quality. One called “Koimomeni” the sleeping woman has been moved to the National Museum to preserve it. It is so real it caused me sleepless nights. – Georgette C.

A public television series and museum exhibition by Roberto Mighty

getting dot OLDER” is a new, ‘docu-talk’ PBS Passport, Public Television and Museum series,  talkin’ ’bout my generation – Baby Boomers! 


Award-winning filmmaker, TV Producer and Multimedia Artist Roberto Mighty is a Baby Boomer. With support from Harvard University, The Institute for Museum and Library Services, The National Science Foundation, The National Trust for Historic Preservation and other funders, he has created acclaimed TV, museum, and online projects. Roberto conceived “getting dot OLDER ” after noticing how much he had in common with people around his age, regardless of their backgrounds. 

Series History

Initial development of a proposed museum exhibit began in 2014 –  by interviewing friends about their experience of aging. The project grew over the next four years. In 2018, development of a proposed TV version began in earnest. Season 1 debuted on public television to nationwide acclaim in January, 2022. By May, our broadcast presence was enhanced with online streaming 24/7 on PBS Passport. We are now in production on thirteen new episodes for Season 2, slated to premiere in April, 2023. Distributed by American Public Television. Presented by Northern California Public Media.

Museum Exhibit

In Fall, 2022, Milton Academy, a distinguished independent school in Boston, premiered Roberto’s six-screen, interactive multimedia presentation “getting dot OLDER: The Exhibit” in their Nesto Gallery. The exhibit is now available for museums, libraries and other large-scale public venues through 2025.


“getting dot OLDER” features engaging, heartfelt, funny and poignant zoom interviews from around the country with our host and “regular people” – diverse Boomers from every walk of life. Excerpts from these interview clips are interspersed with brief commentaries by experts from Harvard University, Howard University, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and other respected institutions.  

Season 2 New Features

New features for Season 2 include on-location reports with Boomers pursuing their “Hobbies, Pastimes and Passions”, including animal rescue; civil war reenactment; choir singing; community volunteering; and other activities. Boomer artists and musicians share their post-retirement pivots in our “Visiting Artist” short segments. In addition to tell-all interviews, the episodes also feature lighthearted, Boomer-centric content, including quizzes and calls for viewer input.


“getting dot OLDER” was designed from the start as a multi-platform project. It is broadcast on TV; streamed on PBS Passport; there is a multimedia website; and starting this fall, we are piloting our first museum exhibit. Viewers are encouraged to visit our website and fill out our unique, 27-question survey; upload their own photos and videos; and comment on episodes. For Season 2, the site will also feature web-only video shorts and bonus content that complements our broadcasts. Plans for a podcast are also in development.


We believe in an expanded concept of inclusiveness. Our goal is to include every kind of American in this series. Taken together, our content underscores the common humanity of aging. Our vision includes partnering with medical schools, geriatric programs, gerontology researchers, community organizations, developing teachers’ guides, and creating an internship program to help train diverse, emerging filmmakers to focus on older subjects.


“getting dot OLDER” viewers are raving about the series. Please see our website for press clips and viewer quotes.  Season 1 metrics exceeded our expectations, including total PBS TV market coverage reaching 83.93%, of the USA, with the series airing in 45 of the top 50 markets – 247 TV stations coast-to-coast.

Future Seasons

This series highlights 4 interviews per episode. As of this writing, over four hundred people have filled out our lengthy online survey, with more signing up every week. We have more than enough compelling Baby Boomer stories for several additional seasons.

Viewer Reviews for “getting dot OLDER” Season 1

(WNET-TV 13 NYC) “Just caught today’s show. It’s great seeing and hearing your interviewees, how comfortable they are telling their stories/answering your questions.” – Dan Z.


 (Blue Ridge PBS in SW VA and OETA in Oklahoma City) Hi, I love your show and hearing everyone’s stories and answers to the questions! Love and Light to you all – Lori


(Facebook) The series shows how remarkable “normal” people are. Such a variety of people with diverse backgrounds. Thanks for expanding our sense of community. J. Johnson


(KRCB Berkeley, CA) Bro. Roberto Mighty YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!! YOU ARE A BLESSING!!! My husband and I often say there isn’t any thing on television that is relevant to us, to our age group, to our racial background (Black African-American) nor to our gender in being over 60 years old. Thank you again, Lee and Derek H.


(WQED, Pittsburgh, PA) I enjoyed this program , it gave me some positive things to think of and surviving my stroke at 60 and realizing I still have Life and dreams !!! – Carla W.


(Social Media – Anchorage, Alaska) Joe and I watched the show today. We really liked it. It was so great. We loved the way you put the interviews together. So revealing and relevant. Thanks so much for all you do. – Martha J.H.S.


Uniting communities through education and entertainment is the mission of independent producer and host Haylie Robinson and heart of travel genre television series Finding Festivals.

For two years communities have not been able to gather and celebrate together. Now, annual events have fully returned and are happily inviting guests. Festivals are so much more than a weekend of fun but an opportunity to deepen understanding, exchange ideas and enjoy festivities together.

The 13-episodic series uses annual events to educate PBS viewers on art, culture, heritage, agriculture, community and history. Through conversation, participation and laughter host Haylie Robinson will share the incredible stories found within each featured festival and its host city.

Haylie, who is known online as Hayliestory, is not your average festival goer. Serving her hometown in an ambassador role as a fair queen birthed the idea for Finding Festivals. Experiencing neighboring towns during annual events sparked a new appreciation for festivals that Haylie felt needed to be shared.

As an independent producer Haylie Robinson is not contracted, commissioned or fiscally supported by any broadcast, cable or streaming network. Finding Festivals is solely made possible by supporters like you.

Four of the thirteen episodes have been filmed and will air on PBS affiliate WGTE November 2022 and January 2023. The final nine episodes are slated to air fall 2023 so long as funding efforts are successful.

Your support will aid in airing the first four episodes and the production, post-production, editing, distribution and marketing of the final nine episodes.

A small-town girl’s dream to unite communities through education and entertainment is made possible by supporters like you. Thank you so very much!

A four (4) part Docuseries, an examination of what passes for Black Television and “black” character-driven TV today. An in depth look at the extent to which it’s just another Minstrel Show, “white” imagery in Blackface.

Provides a history, using examples, beginning with the Minstrel Show form and how that basic format/formula continues despite having “black” producers/creatives working in the medium and despite having so-called Black networks.

The entertainment form began as a “white” one and has hewn to that form ever since. Blacks who are working in the medium today haven’t really innovated nor strayed too far from what the industry deems right and proper for “black” folks in both form and content, in front & behind the camera.

During the Black Arts Movement of the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s the mantra of Black Mediamakers was “by, for, and about” Black folks. In what ways today do we have the “by” and the “about,” but not the “for?”

All of these “black” shows or shows with “diverse” casts, with so-called “colorblind” casting that make their way to the Broadcast, Cable, VOD networks has the effect of diminishing, devaluing the African Diasporic culture and history, while elevating the centrality of the Eurocentric POV, which ultimately is the point.

“As a white American..I have a white frame of reference and a white worldview, and I move through the world with a white experience. My experience [contrary to the messages projected in the media and educational systems], is not a universal human experience,” Robin DiAngelo writes in White Fragility.

Historically how has American media, particularly television presented what is ultimately this “white” worldview, even when wrapped in Black packaging, to the detriment of audiences Black and White?

The series pulls back to curtain to see just how the strings are connected and provides historic context to the programming that has made its way into our homes. We examine both the familiar and the hidden, the classic and the mediocre the good, the bad and the cringeworthy. The story unfolds through interviews, archival footage, commentary & critique.

The television entertainment form began as a “white” one and has hewn to that form ever since. Blacks who are working in the medium today haven’t really innovated (in the way that Jackie Robinson changed major league baseball or “black” players reinvented professional basketball, playing above-the-rim) nor strayed too far from what the industry deems “commercial.”

The “elephant-in-the-room” question is why? We will examine this question along the lines of the answer posited in a 2016 article in the New Yorker, titled, “The Oscar Whiteness Machine,” by Richard Brody.

“…[T]he presumption that baseline experience is white experience, and that black life is a niche phenomenon, life with an asterisk. The result is that only narrow and fragmentary views of the lives of African-Americans ever make it to the screen—and I think that this is not an accident. If the stories were told—if the daily lives and inner lives, the fears and fantasies, the historical echoes and the anticipations of black Americans were as copiously unfolded in movies as are those of whites—then lots of white folks would be forced to confront their historical and contemporary shame. They’d no longer be able to claim ignorance of what they’d like not to know—which includes their own complicity in a rigged system.” What are the ways that Black folks themselves participate in that “rigged system?”

We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors:

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Lowel Cultural Council
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Liberty Mutual Foundation
City of Boston Arts and Culture