Established in the fall of 2021 by Alastair Moock and Stacey Babb, The Opening Doors Project, Inc. aims to elevate voices of color and advance conversations about race through the arts. By bringing new cultural experiences to suburban Boston communities and viewing audiences across the nation, Opening Doors strives to promote racial justice work. Our programs are rooted in our conviction that white people have a role to play in advancing racial justice; that fulfilling this role requires interaction with new ideas and perspectives; and that the arts are a powerful medium for sparking advocacy.

To date, we have produced an online music and interview series hosted by co-founder Alastair Moock. The series features top national and largely BIPOC talent playing music and discussing issues related to diversity and inclusion.

The Opening Doors Project also produces live events that celebrate artists of color in our community and beyond. We aim to encourage family conversations around why DEI matters we hope to develop an ongoing series of visual art and live musical events featuring a diverse roster of artists and performers under the banner of “The Opening Doors Project.”

The Bull City International Film Festival is open internationally to all filmmakers and screenwriters who understand that film is much more than expensive equipment and sets with impractical budgets.

We are seeking films and scripts with character driven plots. Insightful stories relying on human expression more than special effects.

BCFF’s mission is to develop, promote and sustain a film festival that supports new media and independent film making in North Carolina and around the world while engaging audiences with new cultural and entertainment opportunities. Our goal is to produce unique programming that showcases excellence in writing and filmmaking.

The 5th Annual Bull City International Film Festival is scheduled for March 5-6, 2022. We are planning an in-person event as well as virtual options. Follow us on Facebook for updates throughout the year, and until then, we are looking forward to bringing wonderful films (and filmmakers) to Durham.

Submissions are now open via FilmFreeway. We accept submissions of feature films, short films and tv pilots. We also accept screenplays and stage plays.

Award winning screenwriters will be invited to be guests on the podcast, The Writers Room With Sam & Jim.


5th Annual Mystic Film Festival

October 20 – 23, 2022

The annual Mystic Film Festival showcases independent feature-length and short-form narrative films and documentaries from around the world.

The festival brings together diverse filmmakers and audiences to explore ideas, discuss the filmmaking process, and celebrate creativity. Through engaging community events, industry panels, and film screenings by acclaimed and up-and-coming talent, the festival is a special experience for filmmakers and audiences alike.

Now in its fifth year, the festival takes place during four days and four nights at various venues in Mystic, Connecticut and neighboring shoreline towns. Our cornerstone venue is Mystic Luxury Cinemas in Olde Mistick Village. We open with a local premiere and close the festival with an awards event where the best film in each category is recognized. 2022 also marks our third screenwriting competition.

Our festival is created by local filmmakers and artists to nurture local talent, to promote films made in Connecticut and New England, and to bring unique cinematic works to our community.

This year’s festival will be a hybrid of in person and online screenings and events. 

Film and screenplay submission deadlines are March 5 – early bird, May 5 – regular deadline, June 5 – late deadline, June 25 – extended deadline.

Please submit your film or screenplay here:

Bringing Journalists and Peacebuilders Together
Jamil Simon, Producer – Spectrum Media
Peter Agoos, Creative Director – Agoos D-zines

War Stories Peace Stories (WSPS) mission is to seed the critical work of getting news about peacebuilding and reconciliation more widely reported.

Peace efforts are nearly invisible to the public—they are rarely reported in the news. We occasionally see two leaders shake hands and sign a peace accord, but we rarely hear the compelling stories that led to those moments, or what happened afterwards. These powerful, stories need to be told across all media platforms to increase awareness and investment in peace.

The first WSPS Symposium convened in spring 2018 at the NY Times Center. 400 experienced practitioners, who engage daily and globally in this work, as peacebuilders or journalists, took a deep dive into highlighting best practices to improve reporting on peace and conflict. This hugely successful event fostered serious ongoing dialogue, and immediate tangible results in the form of news articles about international peace efforts published in global media outlets. The project was awarded the Luxembourg Peace Prize in Peace Journalism by the World Peace Forum. This 90-second video captures the amazing dialogue the event provoked.

The groundwork for a second Symposium, in Brussels, and for a third in Bogota, has been laid, with plans to follow in other major media centers around the world: London, Washington DC, Nairobi, Mumbai, Sydney, and Tokyo. But due to the COVID 19 pandemic, WSPS has pressed the pause button on in-person events.

Our team is focused now on transforming the current WSPS website into a dynamic collaboration platform, capitalizing on the global online focus. The new web platform builds upon our commitment to bringing journalists and peacebuilders together to explore new approaches to writing about peace and conflict. And it lays the groundwork for in-person Symposia when these become possible once again. We are creating an interactive online home for our unique community of journalists and peacebuilders to generate opportunities for networking and reporting collaborations. In doing so, WSPS will make international peace efforts more visible.

Our extraordinary group of partner organizations includes the Alliance for Peacebuilding, American Friends Service Committee, Center for Global Peace Journalism, Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, Institute for Economics and Peace, Partners Global, Peace Direct, Search for Common Ground, Brussels Press Club, International Federation of Journalists, the Global Peace Film Festival and the World Peace Forum. We’ve hired an award-winning team of web designers to help us implement the plan.

We need your help to continue to expand our work with these partners. Please make a tax-deductible donation to the project through our fiscal partner Filmmakers Collaborative here.

The GIs of Comedy is a comedic troupe of troops, who have taken their love of their country and brought it to the comedy stage. Quite simply, as the motto says, they’re Standup Comics. All Veterans. Still Serving Their Country. One Joke At A Time. Thom Tran, Jose Sarduy, and Tom Irwin are the GIs of Comedy. Veterans of the United States Army and Air Force. All now professional comedians trying to bring laughter to their brothers and sisters still in uniform.

Their mission and their goal is to help heal their fellow soldiers with their comedy, and to bring laughter to all those who have supported the people that wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces.

The GIs of Comedy Tour is the brain child of comedian, writer, producer, and former US Army Staff Sergeant Thom Tran. Having served in Iraq during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, Tran was medically retired in 2005 after he was wounded in combat in Iraq. After returning to civilian life, comedy became the only real therapy for Tran, who continues to struggle with Post-Combat Trauma, as many veterans do.

“Comedy helps me get through the days. The good ones and the bad ones”, says Tran. “I know a lot of troops who are still struggling the way I am. Comedy helped me, so I want to help bring the laughter to them too. I’m an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) at heart. My job is to take care of troops. That’s what I want to do. That’s what we all want to do.”

In 2012, The GIs of Comedy partnered with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a 4-Star Military charity that raises college scholarship money for the children & families of fallen U.S. Special operations personnel. Since 2012, the group has raises or had raised in their name over $10K for the foundation. The merchandise sold on tour goes to the SOWF. You can help by making a donation at

Crows & Sparrows is an international working group and exhibition platform that seeks to support artistic exchange between media artists working in North America and East Asia. Crows & Sparrows has a strong interest in supporting artistic dialogue between the United States and China through regular curation and visiting filmmaker programs.

Crows & Sparrows was founded in 2014 by Genevieve Carmel, Benny Shaffer, and Xin Zhou. Yangqiao Lu joined the team in 2016. Since 2014, Crows & Sparrows has presented film programs in Boston at the Harvard Film Archive, the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, the Brattle Theatre, and in partnership with the experimental film series Balagan Films and the Independent Film Festival Boston. In 2016, Crows & Sparrows presents its first film programs in Beijing and Shanghai.

Founded in 2009, the Online New England Film Festival is a free annual online film festival at showcasing short, local films that have screened at local film festivals. Rather than a call for entries, the festival line-up is a curated by festivals across the region—including the Provincetown International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Maine International Film Festival, the New Hamsphire Film Festival, and over a dozen others. Each festival recommends two to five short films with a New England connection for inclusion in the festival, and filmmakers receive an invitation to feature their films in this collaborative online festival. In this way, the Online New England Film Festival aims to promote local filmmakers, local films and local film festivals.

Although the official festival dates are from September 1 through October 15 each year, many filmmakers opt to continue featuring their films long after the festival has ended, so that at any time of year, visitors can watch online many of the past festival entries. This year, the festival team has launched a project to re-invite films from past years, so that we might be able to provide a more comprehensive archive of the festivals’ short films that have screened at festivals across the region throughout the past several years.

The festival also presents annual audience award and jury awards in each category—animation, comedy, documentary, drama, experimental, music video, thriller. In 2015, the festival launched a partnership with ITVFest to host an in-person festival event and awards ceremony.

The online festival is hosted by, the online magazine and community for filmmaking in the region founded in 1997. features jobs, casting calls, production directory, calls for entries, as well as an online magazine with filmmaker interviews, company profiles and industry news. All resources, postings, articles, and the online film festival on are free to view and post.

CineFest Latino Boston LLC is an annual film festival conducted in Boston, highlighting stories by and about Latinos. The festival is committed to using the power of film to break stereotypes, bring cultures and communities together and reveal the complex issues affecting the Latinx community in the United States, as well as communities in Latin America and Spain.