Dive into the world of filmmaking this summer with our exciting and immersive program!

Lights, camera, action! FC Academy, our summer filmmaking program, offers young aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to explore the art and craft of cinematic storytelling in a dynamic and supportive environment. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics or a budding auteur looking to hone your skills, our program is designed to inspire creativity and foster technical proficiency.

During the program, participants will:

But it’s not all work and no play! In addition to honing your craft, you’ll have the opportunity to:

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In this immersive experience, aspiring filmmakers aged 12-17 will have the unique opportunity to capture the electrifying energy of live music at the Lynn Music Festival and turn it into captivating content to be shared on social media platforms. This bootcamp is free of charge, but space is limited, so don’t miss your chance to be part of this exhilarating filmmaking experience!

Hands-On Experience: Get ready to dive into the heart of filmmaking as you learn essential techniques for shooting, editing, and storytelling under the guidance of experienced mentors.
Live Music Excitement: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Lynn Music Festival as you capture dynamic performances by talented musicians from various genres.
Creative Collaboration: Collaborate with fellow participants to brainstorm ideas, plan shots, and bring your vision to life through teamwork and creativity.
Promotional Content Creation: Learn how to tailor your footage into compelling promotional content designed to captivate audiences on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
June 21 7PM-8PM (via Zoom)

June 22 8AM-3PM (in-person)

How to Register:
To secure your spot, please contact: Rachel St. Pierre at Rachel@filmmakerscollab.org

So many film festivals…so little time and money to spend submitting to them! How can you determine which event might be the best fit for your project? How likely is it that they will lead to a distribution deal for my film? These questions and more will be discussed at the next FC lunchtime webinar!


Please join us in a roundtable discussion led by Marga Varea of Twin Seas Media. Marga is a distribution strategist, impact producer and founder of Twin Seas Media who is passionate about merging traditional and non-traditional strategies to build successful distribution pathways for documentary films.


Marga will chat about what she is seeing currently and how filmmakers she works with are finding success. Please bring your questions because there will be plenty of time for Q&A.



April 29 – May 20 (4 sessions)

Learn how to use your smartphone to make a short film! In this workshop you will get tips on moving image storytelling, camerawork, sound recording, and editing on Adobe Premiere to make professional quality video. Students complete a series of assignments and upon completion will have a final project they can share on social networks.

Filmmakers often use visual effects to enhance a story by bringing to life believable characters, worlds, and stunts. But, how can we do that on time and on budget as an independent filmmaker?

Join us for a Zoom roundtable discussion with visual effects artist, Jimi Simmons. Jimi will present VFX techniques demonstrated in today’s most popular software tools as well as draw from his years of experience working on films such as RISING SUN, SPAWN and DECEPTION.



Meet Jimi Simmons: For the last 35 years, my career has been in the film industry, specializing in visual effects. Most of this time was spent in Northern California, which at the time was a Mecca for independent filmmakers. This allowed me to work in various film genres with a wide array of directors, from dedicated storytellers like Francis Ford Coppola to visionary image makers like George Lucas. It’s been a fantastic experience with many lessons learned, and I enjoy sharing them.

LUNCHTIME WEBINAR: SOUND RECORDING – from in the field to your final product, how to make you and your sound designer and mixer happy!

Join us as we discuss sound recording and mixing with Ian Hatton and Steve Drown. We all know that recording quality sound when shooting on location is essential to a great project. Ian and Steve will discuss techniques for recording sound in the field that will save time, money and work in post production. There will be lots of time for Q&A so please bring your questions.
Ian bio: Ian’s career started as a guitar player / songwriter recording and touring from a young age. Composing, performing, recording and producing music for over 30 years Ian was the driving force within numerous bands, such as “Bonham”, who went Gold with their debut album. He has also performed and recorded with many artists, including  Paul Rodgers & Company, Robert Plant’s Honeydrippers, and Sarah Brightman to name a few.

Always heavily involved in the writing, creation and production process naturally he would progress into Music Production, TV and Film Scoring. Ian has also been a consultant for Bose corporation exploring all the possibilities of surround sound making him extremely well versed in 5.1 productions. Ian’s background includes all facets of music – from playing to producing, he creates unique, carefully crafted compositions with inspiring sound design, always recorded to the utmost quality. 

Steve Drown’s bio: Steve Drown has been an independent recording engineer for the last 21 years and a professional musician for nearly 30.  He has a BM in music production and engineering from Berklee College of Music and works as an engineer at The Studio, which provides state‐of‐the‐art recording, digital editing and more, in downtown Portland. Steve’s forte is making good musicians sound great — often in ways they don’t expect. He has worked with James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite, Ronnie Earl, Roy Scheider, Patty Larkin, Kate Schrock, and Ron Carter, among other musicians. He excels at creating an atmosphere in which artists can perform their best work.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your legal questions to an experienced entertainment attorney in an intimate setting!
Join us for a legal roundtable discussion with entertainment attorney Sandy Forman. A unique opportunity to get answers to your legal questions on issues such as rights clearances, licensing, fair use, collaborations, optioning rights, production and distribution agreements.
Sandra Forman is a Boston-based entertainment attorney with a primary focus on the representation of independent film and television producers and a specialty in documentary filmmaking. She is also known for her expertise in representing clients on matters concerning rights, clearances and fair use.   
*Please send your questions ahead of time to: natalia@filmmakerscollab.org
There will be plenty of time for Q&A during this discussion and so please feel free to bring your questions with you. Hope to see you there!
FREE to Current FC Members
$20 for Non-Members

Please join us for a lunchtime webinar on December 7 from 12:30pm – 1:30pm as we speak with Nikki Bramley on lighting techniques for documentaries.  Nikki will discuss essential lighting equipment, tricks and principles to make your subject (and you!) look your best.  There will be plenty of time for Q&A during this discussion and so please feel free to bring your questions with you.  Hope to see you there!

Nikki Bramley is a Director of Photography based in Boston. Her work ranges from independent documentaries to commercial projects. Recent camera credits include: Runner (Festivals, 2020), Trial 4 (Netflix, 2020), Councilwoman (America Re-Framed, PBS, 2019), “Flint’s Deadly Water”(Frontline, 2019), Jason Aldean” (Breaking Big, PBS 2018), “Seeing Eyes/Feeling Heart” (American Masters, 2018), “Addiction” (NOVA, 2018, B camera). Her documentary and nonprofit cinematography work has taken her across the U.S., and to Thailand, Ireland and South Sudan. Nikki graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University in 2002 with a B.S. in Television, Radio and Film Production.


By editors, for editors. Editors bootcamp is a new in-depth program to empower Editors and Assistant Editors to expand their craft.  

Through presentations led by working editors, AE’s and post-production specialists – we’ll offer practical solutions to become a more effective editor and collaborator. Sessions include:

Editors Bootcamp is intended for editors, assistant editors, and emerging editors seeking skills to advance their toolkit and career. Our goal is to inspire and support your craft and deepen your skillset while learning tricks-of-the-trade through direct knowledge-sharing. 

FC members are able to attend the event at 50% off! For the promo code email Natalia Morgan at natalia@filmmakerscollab.org for the promo code. 

Join us in a discussion about what it means to work with an editor!

What the best way to collaborate with your editor? We thought that asking someone who has more than 50 credits for films appearing on PBS, BBC and major film festivals around the world was a good person to ask! Please join us and meet Peter Rhodes who will discuss best practices around topics such as when to hire and what to look for in an editor, shooting to edit, timelines, and more. This will be a roundtable discussion with lots of time for Q&A so bring your questions!

Guest Speaker: Peter Rhodes

Peter Rhodes is a veteran editor, trained at the BBC in London. Since moving to the United States in 1986 he has accumulated more than 50 credits for films that have appeared on PBS, the BBC and at major film festivals. His most recent work includes Poetry In America for PBS; Jim Allison: Breakthrough which was which was an Official Selection at SXSW 2018; Latino Americans for PBS, which won a Peabody Award; The Price of Sugar, which won the Audience Award at SXSW and was short-listed for an Academy Award; and Harvest of Fear, a Frontline/NOVA co-production which won a duPont-Columbia award. Whilst at the BBC in 1984 he was nominated for a British Academy award for best sound-editing.

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