kid_cameraThe Boston International Kids Film Festival offers something for everyone!

For YOUNG KIDS there will be resources to help them understand how the media industry is structured, and what is marketing.
For MIDDLE SCHOOLERS there will be workshops that explore issues of gender, bullying, and the ethics of posting images of another person online.
TEENS will hone their media making skills, with classes on storytelling, shooting and editing.
And PARENTS will  learn some best practices of watching film and  tv with their kids, and developing healthy social media habits.

Actual workshop titles and facilitators will be posted soon – stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some samples of what will be covered:

UNPLUGGING – after watching a Japanese documentary called “Shut-Ins,” students will engage around the issue of real vs. virtual connections,  and how much social media is enough.

INSTAGRAM STUDIES – exploring the ethics of filming and posting images of another person.

GENDER REMIXING– with instructors from the Mozilla Foundation, this class will show kids how to create mashups of existing ads and short films, remixing gender roles and then talking about how self image is changed.

CYBER BULLYING – Is Facebook a friend or foe?