Rachel Lyon

Rachel Lyon


Rachel Lyon is an Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker who has produced over 65 documentaries for theatrical, broadcast and limited series, including National Geographic ‘Explorer’ and PBS’ ‘Frontline.’ She is currently the Chair of Cinema and Television at SMU.

Lyon’s documentaries, that target ground breaking social issues, include the acclaimed, Race to Execution for PBS’ Independent Lens, Mr. Dreyfuss Goes to Washington for the History Channel, Shadow Over Tibet for PBS and the Emmy Award winner, Men Who Molest, for PBS’s Frontline. Lyon documentaries and three feature films have been created for PBS, NBC, CNN, National Geographic and the History Channel, among others.

Ms. Lyon has also worked with Academy Award winning talent and has served with the National Geographic Television, PBS, along with serving as senior producer for Ted Turner. Her Mr. Dreyfuss Goes to Washington is a behind-the-scenes history of Washington, DC hosted by Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss for The History Channel.

Rachel Lyon has continued to educate future film making generations by working within the university structure for the past decade while launching the Media and Culture at Bentley College in Boston, t