Nubar Alexanian



Executive Producer: Errol Morris

Director/DP/Co-Producer – Nubar Alexanian has worked for the past 35 years as a photojournalist and filmmaker, working for major magazines, broadcast outlets and corporations in the United States and Europe. He has collaborated with Errol Morris on his films for the past 20 years. His filmmaking credits include Musically Speaking (2010), Phantom Shorts (2009), high speed slow motion clips with a Phantom camera of the Cedar Lake Dance Troupe in New York; Flamenco Nuevo (2007) and Flamenco Shorts (2004), featuring a flamenco troupe and sponsored by BOSE Corporation; and The Clifford Ball (1994), a documentary film about PHISH which aired on MTV.

Writer/Co-Producer – Abby Alexanian is a recent graduate of Vassar College and throughout the past ten years has worked on her father’s still photography and film sets in various positions including production assistant and co-producer.

Nubar and Abby are currently in production on Scars of Silence, a documentary that tells the inspiring story of how a young woman’s curiosity propels her reluctant father to join her in finally confronting their family’s dark past and discovering how denial of the 1915 Armenian Genocide affects them and thei