Laurie Kahn

Laurie Kahn



I tell the stories of unsung women and the extraordinary communities they have built. My films have revealed the world of an 18th century midwife/healer (A Midwife’s Tale) and the long lost story of the women who built the Tupperware empire back in the 1950s (Tupperware!). Those films upended people’s expectations, and got them thinking about the past in new ways. A Midwife\’s Tale won festival awards and the Emmy for Outstanding Non-Fiction, and TUPPERWARE! was broadcast in more than 20 countries, won the George Foster Peabody Award and was nominated for the Best Nonfiction Director Emmy.

I was Project Director of the Popular Romance Project, which included a conference at the Lib of Congress, a multi-media website, and Love Between the Covers, the doc which I produced and directed about the billion-dollar romance business and its storytelling sisterhood. It’s on Netflix, & has 5 stars at Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon.

In 2015, I started following Y2Y-Harvard Square as students transformed a church basement into an inviting 22-bed young-adult homeless shelter. I am also writing a feature film screenplay about the 13 intrepid female pilots who passed the \”right stuff\” astronaut tests at the dawn of the space age.