St. John the Divine in Iowa

Producer: Lyralen Kaye

In Production

Reverend Alexandra McCartney is an Episcopal priest known for her progressive sermons, who faces down right wing protesters on the Iowa Supreme Court steps and always knows what is right. But when she begins working for gay marriage in Iowa she has no idea she’s fighting for her own daughter. Sarah comes out to her and a few days later flies home to Iowa with her way out, radical, polyamorous girlfriend; and Sarah wants her mother to marry them, in the Episcopal Church.

Never mind that Reverend Alex has already stirred feelings of animosity in her congregation with her social justice homilies, never mind that Reverend Alex’s own marriage has problems, these are things that she can handle. Only Sarah’s visit home forces Reverend Alexandra to learn that it’s easier to live up to her values when she’s just the minister, not the mother. As Reverend Alex clashes with her husband, church, and daughter’s lifestyle she faces the ultimate choice: will she lose her daughter or the spiritual life she loves?