Still Singing the Blues

Project director and audio editor/producer – Richard Ziglar

Reporter – Barry Yeoman

In Distribution

freddie_king.jpgStill Singing the Blues is a one-hour radio documentary on older blues and R&B musicians in New Orleans and South Louisiana. As a character-driven narrative, it will illustrate the difficulties of preserving folk blues by looking at the lives of musicians such as Little Freddie King. This narrative will be intercut with interviews by folklorists and other experts who will explain the importance, and challenges, of preserving this musical culture.

Radio is the perfect medium for intimate storytelling and it is particularly suitable for telling stories about music. This story will be told by the musicians themselves in the first person. Two to four musicians will be featured. Humanities experts will explain the importance of this music within the larger context of popular music and why its preservation is important. 

Still Singing the Blues has now been published to! You can now listen to the entire documentary online. Please visit here for more information!