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From Liberty to Captivity

A film by Debbie Wright

What if on one, cold rainy night you watched the FBI descend upon and raid your neighbor’s house and you had no idea why? What if you found out from an article that had been put in your mailbox anonymously several weeks later, that the FBI Agents had found thousands of files on your neighbor’s computer, many of which contained videos of young children being brutally raped and tortured? What if you found out that the very same places that you frequented, where CHILDREN frequented, like coffee shops, shopping malls, parks, and convenience stores were HUNTING GROUNDS for human traffickers? And what would you do if you found out that sex slavery and human trafficking were not just topics for a Dateline news story about a faraway country, but that it is a plague that has quietly spread ACROSS AMERICA to every state, in towns and cities and suburbs of every size and type, where victims have been dragged across borders to satisfy insatiable appetites, and increasingly younger and younger American children are being rented out to be raped, every single day, every single hour, for profit? Wouldn’t you want to scream, “What is going on?’ “Why didn’t I know about this?” “Aren’t there laws to deal with this?” WOULDN’T YOU WANT ANSWERS?

PRODUCER: Debbie Wright

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Debbie Wright