Sarah Colt

126_2640 Sarah Colt is the director and producer of Walt Disney and an independent documentary filmmaker who has been working in public television for nearly two decades. Her previous directing, producing and writing credits include Henry Ford, a two-hour biography for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, “A Nation Reborn” and “A New Light” for PBS’s FRONTLINE and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE special series God in America, The Polio Crusade, a one-hour program about the development of the polio vaccine for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, and “Geronimo,” part four of the PBS special series on native history, We Shall Remain.

Before starting her own company in 2008, she worked for David Grubin Productions, where she produced the highly acclaimed biography RFK and earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Science, Nature, and Technology for co-producing The Secret Life of the Brain, a five-part series. Some of her other producing credits include Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm and Making Schools Work with Hedrick Smith. In 2004 Colt was awarded an International Reporting Project Fellowship through Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and traveled to Namibia to report on the racial imbalance of land ownership in Southern Africa.