Louise Rubacky and Perry Pickert

LRsoloLouise Rubacky has over 20 years of experience in fiction and non-fiction
filmmaking. She co-wrote, produced and edited the 2013 independent feature The Cherokee Word for Water, a drama about a time in Wilma Mankiller’s life that established her leadership and led to her election as Chief of the Nation. Louise also wrote and co-directed the documentary There’s Something About W, about the failed promises and policies of the Bush Administration, and has made other short documentary films. She began her career in editing and has helped shape stories for directors Jean-Jacques Annaud, Francis Coppola, George Lucas, and Nicolas Roeg among many others.

PMP_StillPerry Pickert co-founded Friday’s Films in 2003 to make the documentary
Hanging in the Balance: The Future of Fishing in the Bahamas, which tells a
unique story of the environmental trials of their fisherman. The film sparked
local change, as well as a variety of related productions across the Pacific,
Asia, North America, and the Caribbean.
Perry also produced The Cherokee Word for Water, the feature film about Cherokee Nation leader Wilma Mankiller. He has continued to produce and direct promotional and educational short films for
non-profits and corporations at Friday’s Films, and has served as a long-time technical consultant to the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco.

Project Directors/Producers: American Moxie