Lise Pearlman and Bob Richter

Lise Pearlman
Pearlman, Lise VLF12268p2_pprt_finalLise Pearlman was an undergraduate at Yale University in its first class including women when the headline murder trial of Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale took place in New Haven.

She moved to the Bay Area in 1971 for law school at U. C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall and has spent most of her adult life in Oakland where the 1968 murder trial of Huey Newton took place. By the time of her arrival, Newton was facing his third trial for the death of Officer John Frey.

Pearlman later clerked for California Chief Justice Donald Wright and taught for a year at Stanford Law School before a 13-year career in Oakland as a civil litigator. In 1984 she won recognition as the first woman managing partner of an established California law firm. In 1989, the California Supreme Court selected Pearlman as the first Presiding Judge of its new State Bar Court. Since 1995, she has been a private arbitrator and mediator with Alternative Resolution Centers (

Pearlman has previously co-produced two films by videographer Abby Ginzberg on pioneering minority women judges. See additional biographical information at

Bob Richter
RichterFew documentary producers have received as many honors: the 2008 National Emmy for “exceptional merit in nonfiction filmmaking”; 2010 Motion Picture Academy “short list” for best doc shorts—one of ten Richter-related films honored by the Academy; three duPont Columbia Broadcast Journalism awards (TV’s Pulitzer Prize); the Distinguished Science Reporting Award from AAAS (American Academy for Advancement of Science); Peabody Awards; many US and international film festival awards; critical acclaim in the New York Times and other major papers.

Robert Richter directs, produces, writes, Executive Produces and distributes documentaries on the human dimensions of the vital issues of our time, issues often ignored by mainstream media.

With passionate dedication he has dealt with tough controversies, risking his career and sometimes his life as his hard hitting documentaries investigate governments, international agencies and corporations.

His documentaries have been telecast in prime time on HBO, PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, TBS, Discovery, BBC and many other major overseas television outlets.
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Pearlman and Richter are currently working on the documentary film American Justice On Trial: People v. Newton (formerly titled: “The Real Trial of the 20th Century“)