Laurie Kahn

Laurie Kahn-LeavittAs a filmmaker, I am passionate about telling the stories of unsung women and the extraordinary communities they have built. My films have revealed the life and world of an 18th century midwife/healer (A Midwife’s Tale) and the long lost story of the women who built the Tupperware empire back in the 1950s (Tupperware!). Those films upended people’s expectations, and got them thinking about the past in new ways.

In my latest film, Love Between the Covers, I take my audience into the global romance community – a female-powered storytelling sisterhood that is also a multi-billion dollar economic powerhouse. We follow the lives of five published romance authors and one unpublished newbie as they build their businesses, find and lose loved ones, cope with a tsunami of change in publishing, and earn a living doing what they love—while empowering others to do the same.

In the Fall of 2015, I started following Y2Y (Young Adults Uniting to End Homelessness) as they transformed a church basement into an inviting 22-bed young-adult homeless shelter in Harvard Square, staffed by volunteer university students the same ages as their homeless guests. Blueberry Hill Productions has exclusive access to document Y2Y’s obstacles, hard choices, and triumphs over the next three years as homeless young adults and idealistic university students work together to create a safe environment for an extremely vulnerable population, and explore the possibility of replicating their efforts in other cities where hundreds of young people are currently sleeping on the streets.

I’ve been in this business for a while, and I’ve been lucky. My films have won the primetime EMMY Award, the Peabody Award, and many others. They have been broadcast around the world, they’ve been used in classrooms and community settings worldwide. Before starting my own company, Blueberry Hill Productions, I worked on Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965, The American Experience, Frontline’s Crisis in Central America, All Things Considered and Time Out. I enjoy teaching when I can fit it in, and I’m a Resident Scholar at the Brandeis University Women’s Studies Research Center.

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