Kathryn Dietz


Kathryn Dietz is creator and executive producer of STORIES FROM THE SPECTRUM, a multi-platform project that combines a series of short films with a social impact campaign. The aim of both is to catalyze a discussion about autism in America, and how our society must prepare for the hundreds of thousands of autistic young people who will age out of government-funded services over the next decade. Kathryn has created this project over the 2015-16 academic year at Tufts University, where she is Visiting Artist at the Eliot Pearson Department of Child Study & Human Development. A team of award-winning filmmakers – including many FC members – will help make the individual films, while former FC board member Anne Zeiser will head up the social impact and engagement campaign.

Previously, Kathryn was FC’s executive director (2011-2014), and the co-founder of the Boston International Kids Film Festival. She was an FC board member before then, and a filmmaker member for over 12 years, with 8 award-winning PBS films to her credit, produced through Ambrica Productions, the NY-based company that she co-founded and co-owned for 23 years with FC filmmaker Sue Williams. Her films for Ambrica include “Young & Restless in China” (Frontline 2008), “China in the Red” (Frontline 2003), the 6-hour series “China: A Century of Revolution” (1989-1997), “Mary Pickford” (American Experience 2005), Eleanor Roosevelt (American Experience 2000), and “Time of Fear” (2005). These films have won numerous awards including three CINE Golden Eagles, two Gold Cameras, two Hugo Awards, a Bronze Telly, three Chris Awards, and several Silver and Bronze Apples.

She has also worked locally with Boston-area filmmakers, producing the award-winning web series “Getting Better: 200 Years of Medicine” (2012) with FC filmmaker Nancy Porter, executive producing “Nasser’s Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt” (2016) with FC founder and filmmaker Michal Goldman, and creating a tribute for her hometown of Needham: “Big Little Town” (WGBH 2012).

Kathryn loves to collaborate with creative people, whether it’s on a film, conference, festival, workshop, or teaching. She has taught filmmaking and storytelling at Tufts University, Emerson College, the Mass College of Art & Design, WGBH Producer’s Workshop, and the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam.