Jacqueline Olive

jloJacqueline Olive is a director and multimedia producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who principally uses filmmaking to tell nuanced stories of the people, places, and cultures that make up our diverse world. After earning a master’s degree in documentary film at the University of Florida’s Documentary Institute, Jacqueline worked for three seasons assisting with the production of the internationally-themed PBS series, Global Voices, and the Emmy award-winning documentary series, Independent Lens.

Bringing experience in many fields from news photography to firefighting, Jacqueline has directed, produced, filmed, and written television news stories and short and long-form documentaries that combine an emphasis on compelling visual storytelling with critical analysis. Most recently, Jacqueline co-directed and co-produced the documentary Black to Our Roots which broadcast on PBS World.

Utilizing a variety of web-based platforms, Jacqueline also produces digital media projects that expand the reach of her films. In 2007 & 2009, she participated in the National Black Programming Consortium New Media Institute where she co-created the podcast Juke Joint Live, featuring the blues of the Mississippi Delta, and created a series of web-shorts that highlight ardent voices on all sides of the same-sex marriage debate, Black Voices on Prop 8.

Jacqueline is currently developing the documentary Always In Season that uses intimate personal accounts to reveal how the lynching of African Americans for more than a century until the mid-1960s still impacts Americans today. Jacqueline is also producing a complementary Second Life (virtual world) project, Always in Season Island, that provides an immersive environment where visitors can examine the choices and circumstances that brought tens of thousands of men, women, and children out to watch lynchings and use those lessons to help stop group violence in their own communities.

In June 2010, Jacqueline completed a 10-day residency with the Bay Area Video Coalition Producers Institute for New Media Technologies and with a team of innovative Second Life developers created a prototype of Always in Season Island.