Art City Cambridge

Art City Cambridge empowers and advocates for local emerging artists by giving them a platform to showcase their work.

Current Project: Art City August: Weekends and Pop Ups

Our Co-Founders
eFQuoQ4cDm57QJwzXPtYZMXrIgXMkeVoRF1uwKuKMLNjek4UIYOOmkcCt7oP874ekm2M6A=w1188-h723Amyko Ishizaki Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, Amyko Ishizaki is a proud Art History Graduate of Boston University. She is a professional dancer with Kairos Dance Theater, Personal Assistant and Community Organizer for Cambridge City Councilor Nadeem Mazen, and co-founder of Art City Cambridge. Her love for art has always guided her life decisions, and she hopes to brighten the world by supporting and celebrating artists and their work wherever possible. She plans to make Art City Cambridge it’s own non-profit in the coming year, to continue this grassroots movement and expand its outreach to all sectors of the city in many forms of installations and events throughout the year. Art City Cambridge hopes to become a glue that will connect the residents, visitors, students, and artists of Cambridge to the art that inspires and moves them. She welcomes you to be involved! This is our city, let’s cover it in art!



Emily Falcigno
A proud graduate of Skidmore College, Emily Falcigno sings the school’s motto, Creative Thought Matters, from the rooftops! She is always finding ways to contribute to the Arts community. In 2004, her event “SHOW” gave emerging artists a place to show and discuss their work, and gave to some their first exhibition listing. In 2012 she started a small gallery in her Boston office
space to exhibit works of local artists. As a photographer, she has worked for the wildly imaginative Figment Festival, and the esteemed Independent Film Festival Boston. Emily’s ingenuity and interest in video led her to become the “Weird Ideas and Media Assistant” for Nadeem Mazen’s City Council campaign in 2014. Emily realized that with lots of teamwork and perseverance, anything is possible. With the Art City Cambridge team, she is excited find new ways to advocate for artists and to help build a sustainable creative economy.

Nina Berg
Nina Berg is a Central Square native. After graduating from Wesleyan University with a BA in Anthropology, she worked at the mind maze of MIT for a year before joining the creative team at a hybrid VC-advertising agency in Boston. She connected with Art City Cambridge after volunteering as the Communications Director for Nadeem Mazen’s City Council campaign in 2014 and is excited to continue connecting the creative corners of the city. (Her favorite eatery in Cambridge is Brookline Lunch.)

Hai Jung Theresa Kim
Hai Jung Theresa Kim attended nearby Tufts University and has since been finding ways to bring people together in the community through the arts. Part of a tight-knit group of creatives called Virtuality, which conceptually resides in the area between the virtual and real, she enjoys writing, painting, and digitally-inspired art. She’s always thinking about ways that businesses and artists can support each other to create a healthy ecosystem which sustain livelihoods as well as the creative spirit.